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We believe the Middle East will be the epicentre for digital asset innovation

About us

Why digital assets in the MENA market

Rapid Growth

Digital asset transactions of over $566 billion from June '21 to June '22, 48% more than the year prior.

Dynamic Regulatory Environment

Regulations across countries that actively seek to give room for digital asset innovaton.

Hotbed for Innovation

Demand and welcoming regulation means more talent relocation, which leads to further innovation.

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We're fuzenauts

Experts in finance, digital assets and security engineering.

Mo Ali

Mo Ali


Arpit Mehta

Arpit Mehta


Srijan Shetty

Srijan Shetty


John Ounjian

John Ounjian


Backed by the finest

Further Ventures and Liberty City Ventures

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Further Ventures

Deep connections in the Middle East and anchored by ADQ - Abu Dhabi’s Sovereign Wealth Fund.

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Liberty City Ventures

Among the world’s largest web3 focussed funds, having backed names like Fireblocks, Paxos and ConsenSys(makers of Metamask).

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